Employee Handbooks: A Double Edged Sword?
Equal Rights for Women: Not Yet
Ethical Bias: The Impact on Equal Pay
Legal Issues for HR Professionals - Reference Checking/Background Investigations
Legal Issues for HR Professionals: Workplace Investigations
Management Awareness - Sick Leave Incentive Plans
Neglient Employment Practices
Pay For Time Not Worked: A Public-Sector Budget Dilemma
Police Chief Turnover � Meddling by Elected Officials
Police Officer Academic Standards
Police Officer Recruitment: A Decade Later
Police Officer Recruitment: A Public-Sector Crisis
Public Sector Retirement Systems: Either Change or Consider Bankruptcy
Sick Leave Incentive Plans - A Benefit to Consider
Sexual Harassment � 25th Anniversary
The 1970's - A Decade of Change in Public Personnel Administration
The Continuing Development of the Law on Sexual Harassment