The Employment Law Forum addresses litigation, legislation, and other issues impacting employment law practitioners and human resources management. Employment law issues are often addressed in a question and answer format and are updated regularly to be consistent with the latest developments in the law. New articles are added on a continuing basis.

There are many factors affecting the outcome of a workplace situation including policies and practices, labor/management contracts and agreements, whether the employment is public or private sector, and jurisdiction. Additionally, there are varied interpretations and applications with respect to legislation and court decisions. The Employment Law Forum is designed to provide general guidance when addressing an issue. Always confirm with counsel prior to taking action.

The subjects covered by the Employment Law Forum follow:

Asking About Past Salary
Employee Handbooks
Employment Law Issues - Website Assistance
Employment Law Training Program
Examples of Employer Policies
Family Medical Leave Act
FEHA - Protection for Transsexuals
FLSA Exemptions
FLSA - Partial Day Absences Deductible for Exempt Employees
Human Resources Policy and Practice
Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training
Military Service - Leaves of Absence and Reemployment Rights
Pay Claims
Pay Claim - Final Check
Pay Claim - Vacation Hours
Pre-employment Screening Limitations on Credit Checks
Sexual Harassment - Claims Against Women
Social Security - Baby Boomer Basics
Social Security - Increasing the Reduced Benefit
Social Security - Keeping It Funded
The Personnel Selection Process The Impact of Griggs on the New Haven Firefighters' Decision
Vacation Pay - Revisiting Suastez
Workplace Investigations in California
Workplace Investigations - Relaxed Disclosure Requirements in 2004